ABOUT US - Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

The BRJD Public School aims at fulfilling three basic functions: - Transformation of cultural values and traditions, the growth and self realization of an individual and act as an instrument of social change. While the first function maintains and transmits the acquired knowledge, culture and value system from one generation to another, the second function ensures the development of the individual and value diversity by inculcating in the pupil the trait of learning to learn, learning to think, learning to realize and learning to express. The third function develops his concern for the agreed social goals making him strive and exert in order to improve himself and his environment.

Education is a challenging process in the modern context as present day children are exposed to a variety of complex situation. The influences of family, friends, society, culture, media and digital materials upon them are varied in nature and it is difficult to ascertain what really shape their personalities. Often these varied influences are diagonally opposite and they conflict each other such that the children are left completely lost.

BRJD will try to equip children with such an outlook or value system with the help of which they are able to respond to the environment in which they are living with the sense of doing the right thing which may not be necessarily idealistic, pragmatic or personally profitable. The moral sense of doing the right thing means to strive to become better as human beings and make the world a better place to live in.

In today's world where national and international boundaries merge seamlessly, the English language has acquired the sole position of an important medium of communication. It has become the language of knowledge seekers as we move towards a knowledge based economy. Therefore in order to fulfil the need of 21st century learners of domestic and international clientele, we offer international exchange of students in our school and provide greater emphasis on english learning.