ABOUT US - Overview

"What Defined BRJD ?"

BRJD Public School is an English-medium co-educational, residential cum day school which is accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Presently the School has more than 1000 students, representing many states of India. Since 1976, BRJD has consistently been emphasizing on holistic development of a child..

The School offers Career Counselling, NCC Training and other Job- oriented Education


BRJD Public School offers career counselling to the students to strengthen them in choosing their future. A team of experts from different fields visit us on regular intervals to guide and counsel the childrenabout the merits & demerits of the options chosen for future endeavours. This helps a student to takeproper steps in deciding his career.


The school also provides NCC training to the aspiring students. The aim of the training is to nurture core values, enhance awareness and give exposure to basic military skills and knowledge. Emphasis will be on practical training. Case studies, wherever possible will be used to facilitate active participation and better assimilation. Examples from India's freedom struggle and wars fought by India, post-independence, should supplement subjects to generate secular and patriotic fervor. The instructors and the cadets must grace the importance of this training and participate actively.

Principles of Training

In keeping with the changing environment the principles of NCC training followed by the school are -

1. Junior Division (JD)/Junior Wing (JW)to be for two years while Senior Division(SD) /Senior Wing (SW) will be for three years.

2. Separate syllabi for JD/JW and SD/SW.

3. Uniformity in syllabus for boys and girls.

Apart from Career counselling and NCC Training the school also provides other job- oriented education for the aspirants.