Our School is a member ofSPIC MACAY, an international organization that promotes Indian culture & heritage. Many world renowed artistes perform for our students and arouse their interest in our great classical legacy.


Curriculum Development and curriculum innovation have been the pursuit of the CBSE over the years to make the curriculum more meaningful, relevant and life-oriented. Accordingly review and updation of the syllabi at the secondary and the Senior School level were undertaken by the Academic Branch.BRJD Public School strictly adheres to the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as per the guidelines of CBSE and in this regard the school provides a wide range of Co-curricular activities based on life skills education which include the following objectives -

* Leads towards self-actualization

* Road mapping for Better and Higher life

* Tackles stress holistically and creatively

* Boosts internal and external health consciousness

* Promotes social awareness and commitment

* Spreads environment awareness

* Nurtures equanimity and grit in the face of challenges

* Trains children in citizenship

* Develops skills to respond to emergencies

* Guides children to enjoy leisure constructively

* Learning to know

* Learning to do

* Learning to live together

* Learning to be

Use of Functional English:

BRJD Public School face the need of functional English at senior level because of the following reasons -

-To meet the emerging language skill competencies in global dynamics

-To facilitate effective communication in a business environment

-To enhance skills in developing language skills for Science and Technology

The functional English provides continuity with communicative English at the Secondary level, emphasis is given on developing language skills, it enables abalanced approach in language to develop Multiple Intelligence and it provides Motivational inputs for aural, visual and kinestatic learning. The pedagogy for functional English is Learning - Centric, Interactive, developmental and Function - specific.

The School also offers great opportunities to each and every student to excel in one or another cocurricular activity throughout the academic session. Activities include subject-wise quiz, debate, declamation, creative writing, handwriting, dramatization, fancy dress competition, yoga, judo-karate, dance & music, art & craft and variety of sports activities take place and students are encouraged to participate in different events